Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elizabeth Green Clemency Petition

I have been a supporter of the Care2 website for quite awhile. This is my first venture into actively seeking support for a cause that I personally feel needs immediate attention.

The person you are being asked to sign a petition for is requesting clemency after serving 28 years in prison. She is 45 years old. Her name is Elizabeth Green and I have been writing to her.

It is my greatest hope that the Care 2 "Family" which is worldwide as well as my network of friends and family would please take the time to sign this petition so that it can be used to show support for Elizabeth.

If you chose to visit the Care 2 website and you look under my profile you can read more about Ms. Elizabeth Green, as well as get her address if you wish to write to her and offer your support.

Thanks again, to all of my wonderful friends and family. I appreciate you love and support.

This is indeed a small and selfless act. And I would love nothing more than for you to share it with your friends and family as well.


Chellise Scranton

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